The support for CRANE MANAGER 2014 and earlier has been discontinued.

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Your computer should be equipped with at least an i5 processor and 8GB RAM. Depending on the complexity of the project and the related software, more powerful hardware equipment is recommended. You should continually check the requirements of your CAD system, in particular the graphics card, to ensure smooth functionality.



If you work with restricted (system) rights, an administrator must be consulted to install CRANE MANAGER. It is imperative that the administrator executes the program once after installation. If this has not been done, the following error message “CRANE MANAGER not installed” will appear. Even after the installation of add-ons, the administrator must start the program once.

If the error occurs, the program must be started by the administrator. This is also possible if another user is logged in.

To do this, right-click on the CRANE MANAGER shortcut while holding down the Shift key.

Click on “Run as another user” in the context menu.

Then enter the administrator’s credentials and confirm with “OK”.

The program start takes a little longer than usual because new files are created. Now add-ons and updates can be installed as usual. Revision updates can only be performed with administrator rights.

After finishing the installation, you have to switch to the actual user.

If the installed crane database does not appear in the crane selection, open the settings and delete the crane list there.

Then restart the application.

If the crane is still missing, make sure the latest add-on is installed.

Often leads to unstable behavior of the program cause. This can lead to unpredictable crashes.

To avoid this, an installation as a 64Bit application is recommended.

Uninstall your existing Office to avoid compatibility issues. Make sure that your Office package is available as a 64-bit version.

If you are already using CRANE MANAGER or ToM, you should uninstall it and the “Microsoft Access database engine 2010” from the Control Panel.

IMPORTANT: For a new installation, start with the CRANE MANAGER or ToM and then specify that it is to be created as a 64-bit application. The subsequent Office installation adapts automatically.

When a crane is transferred to a CAD system, the following messages appear:


This can be caused by a defective Windows DLL or an internal CAD problem.

This message appears when starting the program from CRANE MANAGER, ToM or your CAD system. Check your rights settings. The most common cause is that you start your CRANE MANAGER “as administrator” or this is fixed. Change this setting and deactivate the “Run program as administrator” mode.

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