Planning a crane job requires a complex preparation. Customer requirements are challenging, local conditions difficult, lifting capacity limited.

The software solution CRANEbee supports you in the efficient selection of your equipment. Moreover, CRANEbee helps you to exceed all safety standards and to win over customers with professional planning.

Our Advantages

Bee smart

  • Reduce your transport and setup costs.
  • React quickly and flexibly to changes on site.
  • Win orders with the optimal crane selection.

Bee professional

  • Exceed your customers’ requirements quickly and safely.
  • Provide your customers with professionally-designed projects.
  • Graphical design and recording of all essential parameters.

Bee safe

  • Precise calculation values guarantee feasibility.
  • Compliance with all safety standards.
  • Monitoring of interfering contours.

CRANEbee lifts your operational planning to the next level. Crane operations are individual challenges and require complex preparation. We have the solution for difficult spatial conditions, a given lifting capacity and often critical ground conditions. Specifically-developed, detailed and interactive 3D models visualise the current state of the machine drawn up in the surroundings in real-time.

All adjustments of a parameter lead to a complete recalculation of ground bearing pressure, crane geometry and the setup conditions required. The highest safety standards are complied with here, as well as costs and time saved. CRANEbee is manufacturer-independent and thus guarantees maximum flexibility for your company.



Simply transfer your crane planning into a CAD system supported by our software.

Tandem lift

The multi-lift option enables complex lifts to be planned in which more than one crane is required.

Crane models

More than 400 manufacturer-independent crane models are available for the programme. Extend your crane database with high-precision, specifically-developed and interactive 3D crane models.


Our training courses will help your company to use the combination of our software and CAD system quickly, efficiently and in its entirety. Our trainers will lead you to greater knowledge – with individual concepts and advanced training adapted to your level of knowledge. This should prepare you and your employees for all possible situations in the operational planning. Together with you we will design a strategy with an optimal training curve - this will take place on site or online, depending on knowledge levels and requirements.

Our Partners

We work closely with numerous renowned manufacturers, universities and research institutions as an independent software partner.

What our Customers say

Bott Abschleppdienst Krandienst, Deutschland

Mr. Daniel Matheis is very optimistic working with CRANEbee in the future: “We can plan our crane jobs more exactly, so that we can impress our customers with technical expertise."

Mr. Daniel Matheis

Jassim Transport & Stevedoring Co KSCC, Kuwait

Mr. Arjinder Sing, operations manager of the company, is also impressed by the software: "With CRANEbee, we can make our lifting plans much easier, fast and accurate - all under a high safety level."

Mr. Arjinder Sing

Dietmar Floßdorf GmbH, Deutschland

Mr. Andreas Ley: “With CRANEbee we are more professional, more efficient and we can plan a 100% safe crane job for our customers.” 

Mr. Andreas Ley

Bott Abschleppdienst Krandienst, Deutschland

Mr. Frank Härtel: “The planning of big job sites is much more simplified and effective, and the 3D views of it are very helpful for our clients and the crane operators.”

Mr. Frank Häertel

Jassim Transport & Stevedoring Co KSCC, Kuwait

Mr. Sasidharan: "With CRANEbee, we can improve our lifting techniques and see disruptive factors at an early stage”.

Mr. Sasidharan


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